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Mansão Do Caminho – English

FOCBS & Mansao Do Caminho – Portuguese *English Subtitles)


The Mansion of the Way assists on average 5,000 people per day of which 3,500 are students.

Fabiano of Christ provides services for children from 4 months to 5 years. The following statistics provide an overview of funds spent by Fabiano of Christ Benevolent Society in serving this group of children:

Daycare (The Manger) students from 4 months to 2 years 150
Kindergarten Esperanca (Hope) 3 years of age 61
Alvorada Nova (New Dawn) 3-5 years 175
Number of Remunerated Staff 78
Number of Volunteer Caregivers 23
Family visits 220
Individual interviews (couples and family) 400
Medical care provided for children 380
Briefs and t-shirts 1,350 units
Bread(Buns) distributed to children to take home 418,810
Food distributed to take home 82,990 kg
Clothing given to children 150 units
School Uniforms 472 sets
Meals served to daycare………(5 times per day) 228,935
Meals served 3-5 year olds…..(4 times per day) 151,900
Total meals served 380,835
Beans 5,200 kg
Meat 4,286 kg
Rice 2,860 kg
Sugar 4,708 kg
Powdered Milk 14,500 cans (500 kg)
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