Education is a tool that will prepare a young mind with the possibility to learn a profession or trade so as to earn an honest living in the future.

In Canada, education is mandatory and taken for granted, but this is not the case in many other countries and Brazil is no exception.

Since its inception in 1999 as a registered charity, Fabiano of Christ Benevolent Society has committed itself to providing financial assistance to Mansao do Caminho, a well known organisation in Salvador, Brazil. Since that date, this charity has forwarded all donations by fellow Canadians who are appreciative of the effective work and results achieved by Mansao do Caminho. This Brazilian organisation is situated in one of the poorest areas of Salvador, Brazil and their main objective is the education of children , who without their help, would not be able to receive any education whatsoever.

The Directors of Fabiano of Christ Benevolent Society have witnessed first-hand the misery experienced in this area having lived and worked in Brazil for a number of years. They have been proud observers and financial contributors on behalf of Canadians and have watched Mansao do Caminho grow over the years from providing education and life sustaining services from approximately 125 children to approximately 3,000 children in the year 2007 and to date more than 30,000 students have received an education. For more information about the Brazilian organisation where donations are forwarded, please refer to the page entitled “Mansao do Caminho“.

Donations for this worthy cause can be made to Fabiano of Christ Benevolent Society and mailed to the address shown on the Donations page. All donations will receive an official receipt. It should be noted that our Society’s efforts in Canada are carried out on a purely voluntary basis and expenses for postage, stationery, etc. are kept to a minimum.